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Business development requires constant adaptation to changing trends and customer expectations

One of the ways to attract and retain
the attention of customers – drivers of
electric cars, is having a charging station

Placing them in an office building, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant or petrol station can positively differentiate your business from the competition.

Such a step allows not only to meet the expectations of customers, but also to implement the idea of socially responsible business (CSR – corporate social responsibility).

Concern for the environment and ecological activities is a standard distinguishing mature business. Building your own charging infrastructure is the best incentive for customers and employees to use electric cars.

Office buildings

Innovative, modern, user and environment friendly. Equipped with charging stations for employees and guests, they become a comfortable place to work and an attractive place to meet and do business.

Recommended products: AC charging stations

Shopping centers

Places where visitors and guests spend much of their free time, leaving the car in the parking lot. Equipping them with charging stations will make them the first choice for customers and result in even more frequent visits.

Recommended products: AC charging stations


Although the location, the rating of other guests and the availability of free WiFi seem to be the most important factors when booking place nowadays, soon this set will expand by the possibility of charging an electric car guaranteed by the hotel. The property with a car park equipped with a charging station is a convenience for EV users who are often premium customers. Their number will systematically grow – also thanks to car rental companies expanding their offer with electric cars, which are often used by hotel guests.

Recommended products: AC charging stations

Car dealers

In addition to design, performance and reliability, ecology is also becoming more and more important for car buyers. To meet this challenge, every major manufacturer already has or will soon introduce an electric car or plug-in hybrid into its offer. Car dealers should also be ready for the boom, which makes it reasonable to equip them with modern charging infrastructure, increasing their attractiveness among customers and potential buyers.

Recommended products: DC charging stations

Petrol stations

Today, in addition to fuel distributors, petrol station facilities should include efficient and trouble-free EV charging stations. It is necessary to be able to meet the needs of a growing group of drivers of electric cars traveling around Poland.

Recommended products: DC charging stations

Fleet customers

More and more companies have electric cars in their fleet or plan to buy them. Taxi corporations and car sharing companies need constant access to an independent and efficient way of charging their cars. Well planned and equipped stations will shorten the stops to a minimum, and the appropriate system will help you manage multiple charge points at the same time.

Recommended products: DC charging stations

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